In Which I Ramble About Time and Places

Hello, Internet.

Today I'm not doing anything spectacular: I'm sitting in my PJs watching Cars with my sister. And it's 12:34. My Hogwarts robe has not left my shoulders since I woke up this morning, my hair is a mess, and I'm debating whether it's actually worth the energy it would take to get up and shut the window that's letting in a draft.

But I'm happy. I'm having a lazy day with my family and a couple of old Disney movies, and I can honestly say that I am happy.

The world is such a busy place sometimes. Everybody's always rushing to get somewhere. Everybody's always in such a hurry....

And we're always so busy, we don't stop to take in what's around us. The simple beauty of the universe.

In my last post I talked about realising the beauty in ourselves and in others, and I've realised since then that I forgot something. Something very, very important:


It's just as important to look at the world with wide-open eyes, to see the beauty in the littlest, most miniscule things: how the sky is tinged orange with the rising sun when we wake up, how the trees seem to whisper to each other in the breeze, how the clouds look like mist as they float across the mountains of the rural place I live....

It is beautiful.

Yet there is also beauty in other places.

Image result for cITY GIF     


My heart has always belonged to cities. I love where I live, with its plush green fields that stretch for miles and the towering trees that shade me from the faint sun whenever I go for a walk....and yet I am itching to leave.

I want the excitement of the city. I want to be caught in the everyday hustle and bustle of people going places, of the click-clack of shoes on pavement and the large buildings that scrape the sky above.

I love the thrill of being busy, of always having something to do.

And yet I also love the peace and serenity of solace, of being in quiet places with those that I love.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's good to slow down every once in a while, as long as you don't forget that sometimes it's worth living in the fast lane.

I apologize for the madness of this post. It's sort of all over the place, isn't it?  I just felt like writing everything I was thinking about today and what was playing on my mind.

Is there anybody out there who feels like this sometimes? Does anybody ever just want time to stop, to slow down, or perhaps to just stay the way that it is? If you can relate, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, even if you just want to vent or to ramble....quite like I've done today.

Farewell, Internet!

- Sunset xx


  1. I am always in a relaxed kind of mood when I blog so, I know what you mean with the messy hair. The world is beautiful!

    1. Tell me about it: there's nothing better sometimes than just taking it easy with a hot chocolate and PJs.

  2. I live for the quiet days...but I think that is related to my introverted personality for the most part. I certainly wish the world would slow down at times. Every time I visit your blog, I am impressed with your writing style. I think I'll stick around :) now your newest follower.

    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you've decided to stick around, and what a nice comment! I can get that the quiet days can be appealing sometimes over the busy days. I like to think that I live for both, but whichever one you prefer is entirely up to you.

      Again, thanks so much for the follow/lovely comment! See you around.

  3. This is such a thought-provoking post. I hate those lazy days personally; we only get 2 days each week to do what we want and I hate spending one of them doing nothing productive. However, I know deep inside I really should just slow down sometimes and just have a lazy day indoors with popcorn on a film marathon!

    This is the first post I've read on yours, and I absolutely love your blog already!! I am now a follower <3

    I'd love it if you checked out my blog sometime too and maybe left a follow ;) :

    - Lexie xx

  4. Of course I'll check out your blog! Thank you for dropping by, and for leaving such a nice comment. Sometimes the lazy days can really get you down, you know? I'm naturally just programmed to always want to be busy, and yet I also know that just stopping to smell the roses can be good too.

    Thank you so, so much for the follow! It really means a lot to me, and I'm off to check out your blog now!

  5. I love slowing down, especially after having such a couple of busy years, it really helps to just appreciate what I have. But I struggle finding the balance, which you mentioned a little. I guess it comes with experience :) Thanks for visiting The Endless Oceans of my Mind!

    1. Finding the balance can be difficult at times, but as long as we try our best to appreciate what we have and where we are, everything'll work out by itself. And thanks for dropping by, your blog is awesome!


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