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Hello, my beautiful people! Today I'm going to be participating in a tag known as A Novel Idea, which is hosted by Sky and Ashley (make sure to check out their blogs!). Today's theme is to basically create a collage of images, pictures, etc. that relate to a chosen character from your WIP. I'm going to bend the rules slightly and include a couple, because I'm greedy like that.

So without further delay, I give you....a couple of collages that I created that probably look like they were made by an infant with a crayon!

*Disclaimer: These collages were created by myself, but the images do not belong to me: I stole them from Google images like a cyber-thief.

This is a collage based on a character I have slowly fallen in love with named Amaryllis Lockhart. She is a sorcerer with extraordinary powers, and she is also very high-up in the political food chain. She's badass, sarcastic and kind of wears her heart on her sleeve. She cares for her people and for those close to her, and some people could perhaps accuse her of caring too much. Also, she makes a mean cup of coffee.

Introducing the pink-haired computer nerd with some serious attitude (and an unusual love for unicorns), Tulip Hyde! But don't call her that unless you want to be smacked in the face with a leopard-print laptop: she despises her first name, and so everybody just calls her Hyde. And if I were you, I'd call her that too.

This is my lovable little pun-loving genius with an IQ higher than the Empire State Building and an ego to match, Daniel Pimento! He works in a Technical Lab, but inside he believes that he should've been a comedian: he cannot survive a chapter without blurting out a pun. But he's also a really good friend and although he can be arrogant at times, in the end he uses his intellect for good and would stop at nothing to help his friends. He's also sort-of based off a friend of mine, so there's that.

And of course I included my ass-kicking, tea-loving, sai sword wielding warrior-girl - Kennedy Chang! She keeps her cards pretty close to her chest and is very good at her job, mostly because she fights for what she loves and she loves what she fights for. She's actually quite an emotional person, but she's been taught from a young age to conceal this and so sometimes she may come across as cold and remote. But she really just wants to do her best to protect the people she loves, and her friends get that about her....and they're also a teeny bit scared of her because c'mon, the girl could kill you five different ways using only her thumb.

Last but certainly not least, the man of the hour, ladies and gentlemen I give you: Simon Selvansie, my main protagonist! He's a socially awkward, pyrophobic, half-demon nineteen year old who rocks thick-rimmed glasses and Star Wars t-shirts. He's the Kurt Cobain of the nerd kingdom, the Kanye West of the supernatural world....sort of. Oh well, a sense of humour and mega-demonic powers are enough to get you by in life, right?

What's the verdict, Internet? Which collage did you like/not like? Which character is the most appealing to you? Are you participating in the tag? (If so, tell me so I can drop by and take a peek!)

It's been a fun post to write, my beautiful people, but for now...

Farewell, Internet!

- Sunset xx


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    1. I'm glad that you do! Hyde is such a beautiful character, inside and out, and Simon goes through such a growth throughout the book (and hopefully throughout the series), so I really appreciate your positivity.

  2. These collages look so cool! You really portray each character really well. I may do my own, but probably won't post it on my blog.

    xoxo Morning
    Ups & Downs

    1. Thanks, Morning! I tried my best, and I'm so glad that you liked them.

      You should definitely do your own. I'd highly recommend it for helping you visualise your characters.

  3. Wow ,you did great job by describing them so nicely ,I liked all of them

    1. Really? Thank you, Baili! I really love my characters, and I really wanted to describe them well so that I could force you all to love them too :)


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