Hola, internet amigos! Really quick, I want to ask you all something: have you ever been to Japan?
I would love to go. It's always been on my bucket list, because the culture fascinates me and I just think that it is such a wonderful place in general. Also, this is where my manna from Heaven (aka, my new WIP) is set. Take modern day Japan, throw in some morally ambiguous characters and two teenagers who wake up 24 hours after being pronounced dead, and viola. That's the low-down on Tokyo Assassin. Oh, and mix in a bit of fantasy/magic guys with silver hair and bad attitudes <3

Me saying bye-bye to my writer's block

So to celebrate banishing the dreaded writer's block and beginning anew, I have decided to create a sniper-shot fact file about a couple of my favourite characters! I'm super excited to be starting this new writing adventure, and I have literally these last few days just outlining, doing conflict overviews and working on plotlines/characters, etc....

Also, really quick, I want to apologise for how long it took to get back to posting. It's just that I had to disconnect from the word for a while, you know? I had to get back my spark, and to do that I went out on walks, spent time with family, watched everything going on around me and listened to some different styles of music. And it worked! Thanks so much for all of your feedback and help with this, and I really want you to know how much I appreciate it! 
First up, here's 5 facts about my sassy, morally ambiguous little mage with kick-ass hair and an attitude as bad as his reputation: Ren Ishida!

1) He doesn't believe in making himself conform to labels.

Ren's motto in life is 'no labels, no problems'. He wears whatever he damn well wants to, he acts whatever way he wants to, and if he wants to be with someone then he will. End of story.
And if you don't agree with the way he lives his life, then he could always turn you into a pile of ash. That's always an option....

2) Ren is very good at making people do what he wants.

Good manipulators stay alive in fantasy-world Japan. The way he sees it, if you're the type of person who bends easily to the will of others then you're already a goner. But if you can turn the tables, you're the one who comes out on top.

3) Before he was assimilated into the League, Ren was a mind fighter.

Mind fighters are basically very skilled mages who can infiltrate people's subconscious mind and attack them from inside their own heads, and people used to pay Ren to fight them so that they could test themselves and see exactly what he was capable of. This is technically illegal, but Ren needed the money for his sister's education and since he never really went to school, his mind-fighting was the only way to make a living.

4) Ren doesn't really trust any of the other Assassins, but he's kind of forced to after Kai convinces them to spare his life.

This probably doesn't make any sense without a bit of backstory, so to cut a long story short, Ren broke into the Assassins' lair to steal something for the High Mage, who was holding his sister (Emiko) captive in order to make him comply, but he was rudely interrupted by Kai Okada (one of my main protags) who got him thrown into a cell only to later befriend him and convince the other Assassins of his worth and value to the team.
(If you can't already tell, SHIPSHIPSHIP!!!)


5) Ren has a photographic memory, but not a lot of people know this.


Sooo, that's Ren. Don't worry, he doesn't bite. Well, he might poke around inside your head and make you spill your darkest secrets, but other than that he's perfectly harmless....sort of.
Alright, my lovelies, the next victim on my list is an introverted, huggable little intellectual known as Kai Okada. I have a special place in my heart for this character, as I share quite a few traits with him.


1) Kai prefers to fight only when he absolutely has to, which is unusual for an assassin.

He's quite a pacifist, really. But since he's being forced into situations where the only way to survive to fight, he doesn't have much of a choice. When he does fight, Kai chooses to use a bow and arrow as to him it is more of a 'clean attack' and the one time he did use a katana blade, he never forgot the intimate feeling of holding the snapped strings of somebody's life in your hands. Plus, there was a lot of blood. Icky.

 2) He doubts his abilities to fulfil the expectations of those around him.

Kai has quite low self-esteem and doesn't think of himself in the best light, thinking that he will never accomplish what people expect him to. Kai feels under quite a lot of pressure to be what everyone around him wants him to be, and sometimes he lets this get to him.

3) Kai has a very strong moral compass.

By this, I mean that in his own head, Kai has a very clear sense of right and wrong. If he can see a chance to do some good in the world, then he will jump at it. But over the course of the story, Kai begins to question the difference between right and wrong as the lines begin to get VERY blurred, the grey area suddenly seeming like the only option. He also feels extreme empathy towards the people who do right by him, and even to those who have wronged him. This can get in the way of completing his missions, but in the end it is what makes him so special.


4) Kai is a vegetarian


5) He used to have a cat named Cornelius Fluffy-Whiskers, which he is later re-united with after being resurrected from the dead. (It's a long story, one that involves ancient spirits and an annoying little man named Hiroko)

Ahhh, I have a weak spot for Kai. He's just the type of character that you want to give a big bear hug and protect from the big bad world....
Okay, okay, moving on. The next victim on my dissecting list is Kace Kimura, one of my main protagonists and a total badass. If you don't like her, I don't think she'll particularly care.

 1) Kace can be quite reckless at times, as she prefers to act first and think later.

Growing up, Kace didn't have a very stable childhood. She lived with her sick grandmother whom she cared deeply for, and she regularly stole from quite a young age to get enough money to buy her medicines. Because of this, Kace often had to think fast and act even quicker to avoid being caught, and she never got rid of this trait: the ability to immediately act in a way that benefits the situation most, no matter the consequences. 

 2) Her chosen weapon is her trusty pair of sai swords.

These swords are quick and get the job done. Not unlike their owner.

 3) Kace isn't afraid to break the rules, as long as it helps her achieve her goals.

Got a bit of a rebellious streak, doesn't she? But yeah, Kace prefers to view these supposedly 'rules' as merely 'guidelines' that are optional for her to follow. This regularly gets her in trouble, but in the end Kace does follow her moral compass and strives to work for the greater good.

 4) She despises cats, and frequently tells Kai that if he doesn't get rid of Cornelius Fluffy-Whiskers she'll kick him out the fifth-floor window.


5) Out of all the Assassins, she gets along with Kai and Hinata the most. (Perhaps Hinata a bit more...? *wink wink*)

 Aaaand there you have it! I'm so very excited to begin this novel and to have shared these little character profiles with you all, and here's to defeating writer's block! *clinks glass and probably breaks it out of sheer awkwardness*
And with that, I leave you with a confidence-boosting GIF image:
Farewell, Internet!
- Sunset xx


  1. I'm so happy your writers block is gone!! And I'm excited to say that I'm back in the blogging world (I took a short break.) But, I'm really excited to read more of your stuff. :)

    1. Thanks, Catie! I'm happy that you're feeling refreshed after your break, and here's to both of us getting back to work! *aggressive high-five*

  2. Congrats on beating it and good luck on writing!

  3. bye bye writer's block, I hope you don't have to face it again in the near future. Dang, I love character profiles they're just so fun to read and make me want to just pull the book out of your brain so I can read it (what was that sorry??) Good luck on writing the novel, I'm sure it will be a fun and wild ride <3

    1. Here's to the return of the writer's process! I can't wait to get started, and thanks so much for such a sweet comment!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING OVER WRITER'S BLOCK, AHHHHH. I recently have as well (well, I didn't really get over it, I just sort of.....ignored it....and started writing the second book in the series.....when I've barely plotted the first....oops?). We shall embark on this new writing journey together!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Congrats on beginning your second novel! Hopefully I can continue mine into a series, I just find them a lot better to write, you know? Sometimes the best thing to do with writers block is 'ignore' it and just keep pushing through like the writerly warrior you are!

      PS - I kind of took the name 'Kace' from your post about Memorable Names in Contemporary Fiction, so THANK YOU!

  5. Congrats on overcoming your writer's block, and your WIP sounds very exciting! Morally ambiguous characters are my favorite type, which is why I loved V.E. Schwab's Vicious so much! :D

    1. Thanks, Lee! Who doesn't like those lovable little beings that live in the grey area between good and evil?

      I STILL HAVEN'T READ VICIOUS! I feel like a failure, and as of today it will be my sole mission I life to aquire this book.


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