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Hello, Internet! There's a big stupid grin on my face while I'm writing this, because I'm really happy to be able to write this at all! (A huge thank-you to Heather for giving me the opportunity, by the way! *virtual squeal*)

Okay, so here's the rules for the Blogging Community Tag, which was created by Jo @ The Bearable Blog (give her a click, folks, she's worth it!).
  • answer the seven questions included
  • tag some other internetters (no particular number required)
  • link back to Jo, because she's the awesomeness that created the tag in the first place.
  • include the globe picture (covered, see below!)



    Lee at Rally The Readers: This has very quickly become one of my favourite blogs of all time. Lee puts so much effort into her posts and  never fails to post something that makes me smile <3
    Cait at Paper Fury: What a blog. Seriously though, how in the name of Cadbury's does she do it? Beautiful design, eye-catching posts, and to top it all off? That header. God, that must have taken a while to perfect. Detailed and stunning. *tips bowler hat in respect*


    Ellie at On The Other Side Of Reality: Hands down, this girl can do no wrong. Every time I visit her blog I leave with a million thoughts in my head and feeling as though I've just witnessed a miracle. One of my favourite blogs, by far, and I love just how diverse her own writing is (seriously, inclusivity wishes it was this girl). Check out especially her Mental Illness Representation in YA post.
    Skylar at Skywriting: I discovered this little treasure recently, and was immediately blown away by the sheer power of this girl's writing. Woah.


    Lee at Rally The Readers: Here she is again. Her reviews have changed my TBR pile forever, and I feel like I'm going to cry if I don't get my hands on Vicious by V. E. Schwab.
     Emily at Loony Literate: Another recent find, and I have absolutely fallen in love with her blog. Her bookish posts, her reviews....ahhhh.
     Image result for love books gif


    Evelyn at If These Stars Shall Fall: I always think that Evelyn's blog is like an open-spaced apartment with many rooms: there's something interesting in every nook and corner, and everything is just so free and beautiful.
    Clara at Reasons To Smile: The flower in her header immediately grabs your attention, and then when you look at the rest of her blog design you're just.....gobsmacked. Beautiful.


    Victoria at The Endless Oceans of My Mind: I love the way that this girl makes her writing beautiful and hilarious at the same time. She can make you think while also making you smile, which is amazing to see <3
    Morning at Ups and Downs: Her posts are stunning. Her blog is gorgeous. Her words render me speechless.


    Adaline at Not Gary Cooper: Sarcasm is my native language, and THIS girl understands me just fine. (*aggressive high-five*)
    Ellie at On The Other Side Of Reality: I had to. I mean, I couldn't leave Madam Sarcasm-That-Makes-Me-Cry out of this list, could I? Her sense of humour is so funny, I can't leave a post without grinning.


    Emily at Emily Rachelle Writes: I admit, I stole this little beauty from Heather's tag. But her open space for LGBTQ+ Christians to share and speak their truths is, to me, inspirational. Well done, and I hope this continues for a LONG time.
    Ashana at Ashana Lian's Fantasy Lab: I admire this girl. I really do. I read her blog obsessively, and she's been very open and honest about some of the hard times she'd been through and what she struggles with, and so I had to put her here. Ashana, you really deserve it <3
    Isn't the blogging community such a beautiful place? I'm inspired by you all, I really am, and because of this I tag every person I've mentioned to do this with me. Because you're all amazing people, and I love you <3
    Farewell, Internet!
    - Sunset xx


    1. ASDFGHJKL. OH MY GOD. I JUST. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Sunset, I love you, thank you so much <3

      Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

      1. ASDFGHJKL YOU'RE WELCOME!!!! I really enjoy reading your blog and it has fast become one of my favourites, so I had to include you <3

    2. Awww, thank you so much for your very, very kind words and for all of your lovely comments over on the blog- they always make my day! :D And you do need Vicious in your life ASAP, lol!

      1. I'll raid my nearest library immediately :) And thank you, your blog deserved a place on this list! x

    3. Congrats on being tagged :) and great answers.


    4. Replies
      1. I know, right? Being able to interact with the blogging community via this tag is really special.

    5. Sunset, hey! Thank you so so much for this! I'm honored! It means a lot to me. xxx
      I greatly enjoy your blog as well and I'm so glad you discovered mine.

      1. Hey! Your blog deserved a place on this list, it's so unique and I look forward to every post. And thank you for such a nice comment!


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