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Hello, people of the Internet! Today I've been tagged by the lovely Vanessa from Simply Me to take part in the Wisteria Writer's Tag (thank you!), and after reading these questions I can't wait to begin soooo let's get started!


1. Thank the blogger who nominated
2. Answer the ten questions

3. Write ten questions of your
4. Nominate other people for the


1. If you could have any writing
power what would it be?


I would want the ability to enter my own book and live in the world I've created, talk to my characters and ask them how they feel about all the plotlines and curveballs I'm about to throw at them. (They'd probably punch me, to be honest)

2. How do you plot your


Okay, I'm one of these weird people who actually love research. I could fill this entire post with interesting things I've learned while researching things about this book, and while I research certain points pop out at me and I try to work them into my plot because they're just so INTERESTING!

The best way for me to plot is just to sit with a notebook and a pen and scribble until my hand cramps up and someone tells me to stop being unsociable. I prefer to spread my research/plotting out over a couple of days of long sittings and sessions of scribbling.

 Image result for resarch gif


3. What is the most frustrating
thing that has happened to you while writing?


When someone interrupts to flow. I'm not an antisocial person, it's just that when someone tells me that I have to pull myself out of my own little world and enter harsh reality just to go to a distant cousin's sister's goldfish's birthday is frustrating, to say the least? Do you agree with me?

4. What's your favourite 
snack to have while writing?


Preferably, iced green tea and all the chocolate in the house. But I also like a good cup of hot chocolate (it's for the process, totally not for my own greed...) and a box of tissues to wipe the tears of emotion. (Kidding! I hope...)

5. Which word would you say you
write too often?


"Intense". It's just a very......intense word.

6. Where do you get your writing


I mainly get this from music (Christian Baczyk, Kashia Vu etc etc) but also from my own experiences and the places I've been to.

7. Longest amount of time you
have written for?


I can't keep track of time when I'm writing. An hour becomes a minute, and a minute becomes forever.

8. Most loved blog


Mental Illness Representation in YA Fiction from Ellie's blog. Wowza.

9. Tips for new book writers?


Stop thinking about the writer you should be, and concentrate instead o the writer that you are. I know from experience that writing something you haven't put your heart and soul into (and that you're writing because you think it's what people want to read) is a dead-end. If you're writing something that is constantly tugging your heartstrings so hard you think they'll snap, then trust me: you're doing it right.

10. Favorite season to write

Autumn all the way! Although sometimes I find it easier writing from a spring viewpoint, to be honest...

Well, that was fun! I actually really enjoy doing these things like this, it's just such a good way to connect with the blogging community while also enjoying yourself, you know?

Alright, now here's the questions I'll be asking:

1) What one thing do you struggle to write the most? (Romance scenes, battles etc....)
2) Favourite character(s) from your current WIP?
3) Why exactly did you begin writing?
4) AHHH! The library is on fire and there is (conveniently) only enough time to save three books. Which ones do you save and why?
5) If you are currently working on a WIP, give a brief synopsis of it below.
6) Which time period do you prefer to write about?
7) First, second or third person narrative?
8) What's the best piece of writing advice you've ever received?
9) Is diversity an important thing in books for you? Why? How diverse is your own writing?
10) What genre do you prefer to write about?

Okay, so I tag....

Farewell, Internet!

- Sunset xx




  1. I love learning about you and your inspiration and stuff. Keep on writing! :)

  2. Totally, this was very fun to read about! " If you're writing something that is constantly tugging your heartstrings so hard you think they'll snap, then trust me: you're doing it right." This quote though. It's so so so good!
    Keep writing! Hope to see more of your works! xx

    Skylar | Skywriting

    1. You're so sweet! Hopefully I'll be posting more about my WIP, so stay tuned :)

  3. The power to enter your own book - now that would be awesome! Great answers and I just did a post about my WIP so I must try this tag some time :)


    1. You really should! I'd love to enter not just my own book, but every one I read :)

  4. Ooh, intense. Like camping.

    I find it really interesting that you can't keep track of time while writing because for me I'm always hyper-aware of it. I will be like, "Okay, you've been writing for seven minutes and thirty seconds and that means you only have eight minutes and thirty seconds until you're allowed to take a break what do you think of that huh?" and that is my internal monologue.

    Also, yay autumn!

    Thanks very much for tagging me! I'll have to get to this very soon. :)

    1. Camping is very intense, right? :)

      I guess the whole 'time management' of writing is different for everyone. I could be writing for an hour and to me it feels like six minutes, whereas you are aware of the time you write for. Funny how different writers approach things in different ways, isn't it?

      Can't wait to read your answers!

  5. Thanks for the tag! My answers are up and I've tagged others (: Loved reading your answers!!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Off to check out your answers now...

  6. Thank you so much for tagging me, Sunset! I'll have to get on it (eventually...)

    Hot chocolate is so for the process, obviously. *sweats nervously* And I would totally want that superpower, it would be amazing. (Although I too would probably get punched and completely abused, but at least I could hang out with these awesome people I've created. Although they would hate me. *sighs* You can't have everything, right?)

    1. *sighs in reply* I guess it's impossible to stay friends with someone who you force to give up life as they know it and enter a secret organisation only to be forced into a role they never wanted..... (Or is that just me?).

      Hot. Chocolate. I actually really want to go and get a(nother) cup right now...


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