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I've walked on broken glass,

And made it seem like sand.

I've climbed a thousand mountains,

When I could barely stand.

I've hidden all my fears,

And looked you in the eye.

I've smiled and stood my ground,

When the world thought I would cry.

 I've fought the wolves you threw me to,

And made them bow to me.

I've taken the throne from up on high,

And crowned myself the queen.

So the next time that you see me,

You just remember what you've made.

You turned me into a fighter,

And do I look afraid?


We are the products of our decisions, not our circumstances.

- Sunset xx


  1. I am absolutely blown away by this.

  2. That is some spectacular writing, girl! You wrote it, right? It sounds like it has a story behind it.. I so agree with the quote at the end too - we all have the power of choice.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I did write it! The story behind it is simple, really - we've all endured in our lives, and all that we endure becomes a small part of us. We can choose if we let that piece become a negative impact on our lives, or a positive one.


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