These Darkened Hours - A WIP Described In Songs + NEW Character Karaoke Tag

Aloha, wizards of the Internet. If you've read the above title, then you're probably wonder what in the name of Patrick Stump I'm talking about. Yeah, hate to break it to you, Sunset, but songs don't actually describe-

Bup, bup, bup, bup. Shush, my sceptical children, and listen.

To me, songs have always had meanings. Songs, quite like human beings and evil dinosaurs and everything in between, have emotions. Music in general is specifically designed to make you feel a certain way, to make you think and ponder upon lyrics and rhythms and basically be made a puppet whose strings are pulled by unseen instruments and compositions that turn your heart into mush.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Basically, music makes us feel. Music gives us certain thoughts and can influence and manipulate our emotions a particular way. For example, you would get a completely different feeling when listening to, I don't know, Nirvana than you would when listening to - erm - Hannah Montana or something, you know?  (yes, I am very up-to-date with popular music. Haha.)

And so today, my beautiful people, I have decided that instead of giving you paragraph after paragraph describing my new project and how much I actually love it, why not just show you through la musica?

For those of you who have just arrived to the rabbit hole that is my blog (in which case, welcome newbies!), I have recently began a new WIP entitled These Darkened Hours, a fantasy novel about Irish mythology and the modern world and different realms, wrapped in sassy warlock twins and dark princes and a Greek witch with bad attitude. What fun.

I'd totally survive that world. (If half of my characters didn't kill me first. Honestly, putting me in the world of TDH would be like throwing a Care Bear into the arena of the Hunger Games)

But anyway, we're getting sidetracked.

The questions below were born from my slightly odd brain, and so was the idea to involve the rest of the blogging community in this little questionnaire!

Therefore, I decided to turn this into the Character Karaoke Tag!

Anyway, get ready for music and italics overuse, because here we go!

What Song Best Describes The Mood of Your Novel?

Hidden Citizens - Land of Confusion

This song, I think, describes the setting of TDH just perfectly. It's got quite a dramatic/dark edge to it, as does my novel, yet there are also snippets of light and calm. In the land of Éire (the mythical realm that my protagonists, Nessa and Lex, are quite literally dragged into), there is a surface of beauty and wonder and magic, yet underneath there is a brutal struggle for power and savagery and quite a bit of violence. Hence the 'dark edge' that I mentioned previously.

Plus, the land of Éire (where the majority of my novel takes place) is quite literally 'The Land of Confusion" - Nessa and Lex are basically like wtf-is-that-a-flying-lizard? for the first part of the novel.

Significant Lyric: This is the world we live in // And these are the hands we're given // Use them and let's start trying // To make this a place worth living in

Pick A Character and A Song To Describe Them?

Sia - Freeze You Out

Okay, since I've already talked about my little bookish muffin Lex, I decided to go with my unlucky-in-love Greek prince of darkness for this question, Dane!

'Freeze You Out' is a song about someone who has been hurt in the past, who is reluctant to give their heart in case it be broken or manipulated by others. It is about someone who has, quite literally, become ice: they are untouchable, cold and unfeeling. Or at least, they try to be.

This pretty much sums up the character of Dane. He is harbouring a burden and a secret and troubles that have caused him to become cold and detached from other people....until *someone* comes along and, to Dane's surprise, shows him that to care is not to be weak, that it is okay to trust. And slowly, Dane begins to realise that punishing himself for something he can't control is pointless, and as the novel progresses we slowly begin to see him thaw.

*in case it isn't obvious, SHIPSHIPSHIP*

Significant Lyric: I will feel the pain and stay // I'm not running again // Even though I'm scared to death // And I won't freeze you out... // My heart is melting

One of your characters is at a karaoke night when - gasp! They've been asked to get up and sing! What song do they choose and how would they perform it?

Twenty One Pilots - HeavyDirtySoul

So for this question I've chosen my character Kieran, a faerie from the land of Éire who was taken to the modern world via portal and crazy father. He's Nessa's best friend and pretty handy with throwing knives, also he's got pretty cool air powers that he uses to blast trolls into the clouds when they piss him off.

I've chosen him because, due to the amount of time he spent in our world, Kieran became fascinated with a cretain style of music: rap. He just can't fathom how someone could talk that fast, and how to do it, and expresses astonishment at the whole genre. He's more used to people playing fiddles and lyres, not rapping at high-speed to loud drums and guitars, and so you can imagine how shocked he is by rap music.

It makes me smile to think of Kieran rapping along to 'HeavyDirtySoul',  because he's just be so terribly awkward doing it. (Remind you of anyone?)

That's Kieran in one word, really; awkward, and yet he's one of the best fighters in the Tuatha Dé Danann (supernatural army of awesomeness fighting against Carman and her sons).

Significant Lyric: You got one time to figure it out...// One time to think and I say we start now // Sing with me if you know what I'm talking about 

(My favourite part of song ^)

Go-To Song When Writing Romance/Battle Scenes?

Ruelle - War of Hearts

I-I can't.

Seriously, I don't know what it is, but I melt whenever I hear this song. And that means something, coming from a person who basically bashes every mushy-lovey-dovey thing she sees.

I'm not a romanticist. Sorry, folks, but I am not. Romance novels to me are generally like acid (usually, though some are exceptions), but I do appreciate a good ship (*ahem* MALEC *ahem* WESSA/JESSA *cuz I can't make up my mind kay*).

But this song....

I can't even.

Significant Lyric: I can't help but love you // Even though I try not to // I can't help but want you...// I can't help but be wrong in the dark // Because I'm overcome in this war of hearts

This was actually so much fun to do! The questions (surprisingly) took a good bit of thought to get just right, because THERE ARE SO MANY ANMAZING SONGS OUT THERE and I wanted to pick the perfect one (plus, I needed a Tyler Oakley gif in my life).

Okay, so the next unfortunate souls I tag to complete this are as follows:

Just have fun with it, 'kay? I really want to see the blogging community's answers to these questions, and if you want to steal these and do them yourselves, feel free! (just, you know, give credit and all that jazz).

Farewell, Internet!

- Sunset xx


  1. THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you so very much for tagging me! I'm starting it right now :D

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. YAY I really hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did, and who knows? Maybe I'll make it a monthly thing or whatever....we'll see how it goes ;)

  2. Awww this is such an awesome tag! I always tend to associate songs with books or certain characters, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thank you so much for thinking about me, you're awesome! I don't have any writing projects at the moment, though, so I'm not sure if I can do it right now. :/ If I'm able to come up with a way to do it I totally will though! :)

    1. That's fine, Hannah! Don't stress about it, just do whatever suits!

  3. AHH THANKS FOR THE TAG!! I love this. Omg I adore Sia. <3 I wrote an entire book with like a ton of her songs in mind haha. I mean, I don't actually pay much attention to lyrics, but tone of songs + my writing = what I work off.😜 And now I'm listening to that Ruelle track and falling in love with it. AMAZING.

    1. *singing in terrible, off-key voice* COME TO ME IN THE NIGHT HOURS I WILL WAIT FOR YOOOU!

      That song. Every time I hear it I just go really silent and listen, because it's just so beautiful and it makes me want to cry...

      Also, Sia. I'm actually listening to her song 'Unstoppable' right now, and suffice to say that's going in my character playlist :)

      I'm really looking forward to seeing your answers, Cait! I really like reading your blog, and I have a feeling we might have some music in common.

  4. THISSSSSSSS. THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST TAGS EVER BECAUSE IT'S SO UNIQUE. I intensely plot allll my books to music (ESPECIALLY EPIC TRAILER MUSIC THANK YOU FOR THAT KINDRED SPIRIT *HIGH FIVES U*) There's just something SO MAGICAL about plotting a book to songs?? AND I FEEL LIKE A LOT OF US PROBABLY DO THIS TO SOME EXTENT BUT there are usually a few very specific songs that just ARE my book.




    2. YAAAAASSSSS! I love Ruelle so much (and epic trailer music *returns high five*).

      YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thank you for saying such nice things, I was really nervous about creating this tag because I thought 'oh no what if people hate it what if it's terrible OH NO!?!?!'

      But thank you, Abbiee! Looking forward to seeing your answers!


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