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We wear curtains over our eyes,

We call them eyelids.

Because they conceal galaxies far more complex than we know,

And hide them away so that other stars can burn before us.

Little do we know that we are supernovas,

That we can burn brighter,

If we just stop hiding behind our eyelids,

And let the world see the universes that exist

not before our eyelids,

but inside our very eyes.


"Yeah, Sunset, disappear for a long time with no explanation and come back with something you thought up while listening to Twenty One Pilots. That would be fun."

On a serious note, I apologise for the absence. 1) My computer died and I've been forced to use my mother's laptop until it is fixed and 2) TESTS EXAMINATIONS EDUCATION STUDYING LIKE A MANIAC ARGHHH!

Wish me luck, and until we meet again, Internet-using lifeforms.

- Farewell, Internet!

 Sunset xx


  1. This poem was amazing! Pft I stopped blogging for two months!

    1. We all need a break sometimes, and sometimes like me you don't have choice :(

      Thank you, Rukiya!

  2. LOVED your poem! Absolutely beautiful. And best of luck with exams and stuff, and I hope your laptop miraculously heals from its mysterious illness and lives a long and full life ;)

    1. So do I, Victoria. EVIL LAPTOP ILLNESSES GRRR!

      Thank you for your well-wishes, I just had a Mathematics test and suffice to say, it almost killed me.


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