2017 Writing Resolutions // Yes, I Am Alive I Swear

I have mentioned previously about how 2016 was really not my year. Aside from some personal things that crept up and bit me hard on the you-know-what, I also abandoned a lot of writing projects and attempts, which I despise myself for.

Yes, the dreaded New Idea Syndrome struck me hard. Kind of ironic, isn't it, how I struggled with writer's block for the majority of the year, and then when it finally passed I seemed to just jump from one project to the next. I hate my brain. I hate procrastination. I really need a cup of tea.

Now, I am not usually a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Mostly because I never stuck to mine as a child (eat healthy, they said. Kit-Kats are not beneficial to your health, they said), but also because I believe that every day is a day for a new resolution (yeah, it's a little cheesy, bite me).

But nevertheless, I have decided to be a total hypocrite and make some writerly resolutions for this new year. Because I just began a new WIP, and I am determined to stick to it.

1) hopefully write my first terrible draft of TDH

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Now, I am not saying this in a oh pity me because my drafts are shit lol way, but I am saying this in a matter-of-fact, it's-gonna-happen kind of way.

I spend far too long editing my first draft whilst I am writing it. And because I do this, I get restless and bored and then a NEW IDEA floats by and whispers hey there, why don't you pick me instead, you spineless little wannabe?

This year, I resolve to change that. I'm going to keep writing These Darkened Hours, and I'm going to write and write without looking back or editing and then when I'm finished, I'll put on my editing hat and get down to business.

And so really, I guess my writerly resolution number one is actually to break the cycle of compulsive first-draft editing. (Yup, not even half-way through the post and I'm already correcting myself. Atta girl, Sunset).

2) put a bit more effort into my pinterest board for (you guessed it) TDH

My Pinterest board for my WIP is a little bit of a disorientated mess of quotes and pictures at the moment. Most of the images I associate with specific scenes/characters/places, and others I just think are pretty awesome.

So, I resolve to clean up my Pinterest this year.

3) just stop trying to be perfect, really.

This is an important one.

I feel like a lot of us try to be perfect in all that we do. I mean, surely I'm not the only one obsessively scanning my essays for typos or constantly worrying about whether my characters resemble cardboard in their depth?

But I've realised that it's pointless to try to be perfect. Nobody is. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone trying to pick at your work and finding something they think is 'wrong' with it. I mean, even the greatest masterpieces have their critics.

And so my writerly resolution going into 2017 is this: to stop trying to be perfect and instead, embrace the chaos and all that comes with writing.

Because I think that sometimes, I forget why I began writing. I forget my purpose, and I forget this because I am too busy obsessing over the smallest details and about other people's opinions of my work.

I began writing because it is what I love. I continue to write because it is what I love. And I want to release my work into the world one day because as much as I love writing, I love thinking that someday my work will have the same effect on someone else as many books have had for me.

I want to do what the Shadowhunters and the demigods and so many other creative creations have done for me, for others in the future. I want to be the provider of some form of escapism for a reader who just wants to get away from reality for a while.

Yes, I love writing. Sometimes I think that it is what keeps me alive.

And I also love what other writers have done for me through their work. And I want to be one of those people. I want to help, and writing is the one way that I believe that I can do just that.

Phew. That got a little deep towards the end, didn't it?

What are your resolutions for the new year? What do you hope to accomplish? Or what do you want to keep doing? Even if it's a small thing, if it makes you happy, tell me!

As always, parting is such sweet sorrow, but for now;

Farewell, Internet!

- Sunset


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