Snippets Galore! + My Little Munchkins Enter The Big Bad World

Hello Internet-using lifeforms. I've been staring at this screen for the past thirty minutes, racking my sleep-deprived brain for something to write about, and suffice to say I came up with nothing. Nada. Complete zilch. (Is that even a word? Zilch? Meh. *shrugs and campaigns for zilch to be put in the Oxford dictionary*).

But then it hit me, like a seraph blade to the skull (Shadowhunter fandom, where are you?), that I did have something to share with the online world: my writing.

Now, I haven't released any snippets from These Darkened Hours as of yet. I mean, I think that I told you all my first line once upon a time, but since then I've rewritten my first chapter so many times that the original has been lost in the black void that is editing. (yes, my new year's resolution to stop editing whilst writing is failing miserably.)

And so, I have decided to share some excerpts from TDH with you beautiful people, which isn't scary at all, I'm totally not terrified, I'M NOT PANICKING YOU ARE OH NO-

*Breathes, for the first time since beginning this post*

Okay, maybe I'm a little nervous about sharing my Word document child with the rest of the world. But can you blame me? This WIP is like a slice of my SOUL (but, you know, without the blue eyeliner and general aura of shame and awkwardness), and sharing it with actual people who can write like the next Rowling? That's a little scary.

As always, feedback is welcome, because there's always room for improvement and God knows I need it sometimes. (Like when I'm bleary-eyed at 3:00am in the morning, typing yet another version of chapter one and I'm so tired that I spell 'that' as 'taht'.)

 a snippet that I enjoyed writing


“You’re going to fall over that edge, Nessie.”
Nessa tensed, then sighed and looked over her shoulder to find her brother standing on the other side of the rooftop, his arms crossed over his chest as his clothes fluttered and stuck to his willowy body in the wind. He’d taken the time to get dressed before following her, she noticed. He wore  jeans and a jacket over a black t-shirt that read blink if you want me in faded silver writing, which normally would’ve made Nessa smile if she wasn’t a little pissed at having been followed by her twin like some sort of escaped convict.
“How did you find me, Alexander?”
Nessa was ashamed to admit the slight sense of triumph she felt when she saw Lex wince at the use of his full name, which he had always despised. He thought that it sounded pretentious. The radiant moonlight behind his head shone like a halo around his auburn, unkempt hair as he ran a hand through it, deliberately avoiding his sister’s gaze as he confessed, “I installed a tracking app on your phone when you weren’t looking. Sorry.”
Nessa scowled and plunged a hand into the pocket of her pyjamas. She’d taken to having her phone with her on the roof as some nights the people-watching material got a bit dull, and as she unlocked the phone and scanned through the home screen, sure enough she found a little magnifying-glass icon that she’d failed to notice before.  Screw you, brother dearest.
She shoved the phone back into her pocket and turned her face away, tucking a strand of loose red hair behind one ear as she stared at the flickering, neon sign of the pharmacy on the other side of the street. “I don’t appreciate being spied on, Lex.”

That's the first time we meet Nessa and Lex, the twin warlocks who are a) my protagonists and b) despite having shared a womb once upon a pregnancy, couldn't be more different if they tried. (Is it obvious that Lex is an INFJ?)

a snippet that is quite dramatic

Kieran had been watching them, his stormy blue eyes trained upon the captive twins as he assessed the situation. Perched like a hawk on the roof of an office building, he balanced effortlessly on the thin edge and crouched low, his eyes analysing everything he saw just as he had been trained to do. Kieran knew that he would make too much noise if he climbed down via the wooden crates against the wall: if he wished for the stealthy approach, he should drop down into the shadows. Take the twins’ captors out noiselessly.
Despite the determination of his thoughts, Kieran found his hands shaking at his sides and silently cursed himself. Now was not the time for fear. Now was the time for urgent action and strategic, logical thinking. Just as he had been trained to do.
 What was it that Father used to tell him, whenever he spoke of the mission? If the time should ever come when you must put yourself in harm’s way to protect them, do not hesitate for a second: your life is worthless in comparison to theirs.
And now the time had come. Kieran ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair and gently pulled the hood of his green cloak over his head, repeating his father’s words to himself as he did so like a soothing mantra.
Kieran looked down once more at his hands, and found that the shaking had stopped. A grim smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and his sharp eyes hardened with a new determination, his father’s last words forming in his mouth and dripping quietly and solemnly from his lips like a prayer.
“Protect them. The Mac Artian children must survive.”
And with a deep breath, Kieran Faer tightened his hood and leapt from the roof as though he could fly.


So, that is Kieran, my deadly and slightly protective child. Wasn't his father so nice? (Not really). Poor Kieran.

a snippet that made me say 'oh snap'


"You want Becuille’s offspring, little soldier?” Eyzil spat, fury blazing in her violet eyes. “You don’t know who you’re dealing with. Our powers-“
“Your powers are bullshit.” It was the first sentence Nessa and Lex’s saviour had spoken, and his voice was low and dangerous and filled the air like smoke, dark and heavy and menacing. A chill filled the night air and grazed Nessa’s skin like a knife.
Alver dragged Lex backwards, towards Eyzil, who then shrieked, “How dare you insult the great powers bestowed upon us! We are the worthy, whilst you hide behind your blades-“
“I do not need blades to kick both of your asses,” The person in the hood retorted, a sharp snarl in his dulcet tones. “It’ll be like taking candy from a baby, albeit a rather hairy, horned baby with a bad attitude.”

You've probably guessed that the 'hooded figure' is Kieran. THE SASS. THE SWAGGER. THE DAGGER. THE ENSUING ABDUCTION OF MY SMOL BEAN LEX! (*sobbing quietly*)

So yes, that is all of the snippets that I have decided to share with you delightful people. It's only a first draft, so don't be too harsh, 'kay? But FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED AND I WILL LOVE YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND FOR IT.
As always, parting is such sweet sorrow, my pretties, but for now....

Farewell, Internet!
- Sunset xx


  1. Ooh, I love all these snippets. Your characters all look like so much fun, especially Lex and Kieran. I've been trying hard to pick a favourite snippet, but honestly, it's too difficult. They're all great!

    1. Thank you! I was kinda nervous about revealing these as it's only first draft material. Lex and Kieran are pretty fun to write, especially Lex as I have a lot in common with him (INFJ much?), and just a badass. A cute, knife-throwing and pie eating badass who has stolen my fragile heart :)


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