Superheroes Get Super Weird + MY NOVELLA REVEAL!

In a world full of heroes, it takes a lot to really make it as a villain. Kaspar never intended to become either, and yet that doesn't prevent him from drunk-texting an ex, attending a red carpet event and getting fired from his job. Oh, and a slanderous blog post he made once upon a bottle of wine going viral.

And somehow, all of these seemingly unrelated events result in his abduction at the hands of Marling City's latest supervillain, Axel Jordan, who turns out to be a blast from the past
who offers Kaspar the chance of a lifetime: to become his sidekick, and raise hell in the city that never loved him.

But a storm is on the horizon, and a villain like Marling City has never seen before takes centre-stage for all the wrong reasons. As their city falls to ash around them, Kaspar and Axel are forced to gather the best of the worst and become something they never believed they could be: heroes.


I hath returned, dear Internet, with a side project and a Pinterest board to prove it! *throws glitter*. This project, which I have named Vigilant, tells the tale of Kaspar Wilde, a city journalist who gets fired from his job at the newspaper of his dreams after a drunken blog post naming and shaming some of the city's most famous superheroes goes viral.

In the society Vigilant is set in, heroes are worshipped like gods. They do press interviews and go on talk-shows and basically live like celebrities. But eventually all the glory goes to their heads and....well...makes them all a bunch of assholes.

So when Kaspar writes that blog post, he becomes Public Enemy #1. Who does this guy think he is, shaming our beloved heroes? (< what most of Marling City think of him). He gets evicted from his apartment, fired, texted a rather insulting message by his ex, and to top it all off? He gets kidnapped by Axel, the latest supervillain on the scene, who makes a sidekick out of him....because he's a fan of the blog post.

(Yes, my supervillain is a massive fangirl okay?)

The first chapter is entitled The Blue Martini, and begins as follows (even though you didn't ask):

Kaspar had never had a martini before the day he was fired from The Marling Enquirer. He thought those kinds of drinks belonged only in James Bond novels and noble society, not in the decrepit and depraved bars of Marling City. But on the night of the blue martini and his dismissal from the job he thought was destined to be his, Kaspar wasn’t in the mood to discuss the variety of drinks available in derelict drinking houses; he was in the mood to smash things.

Isn't my little Kassie-kins so positive?

And to celebrate beginning this little side project, here are some (hopefully interesting) character profiles of my superkiddies! (I needed to use Pinterest again, sue me)


story inspiration

Kaspar Wilde

Most likely to be found: Watching Doctor Who and stopping a certain supervillain from doing something incredibly stupid.

One word description: SQUAD-MOM (it's hyphenated so I'm counting it as one word 'kay?)

Powers (?): Unusually high levels of sass at the most inappropriate moments. He's one of the only villains with no powers (or so he thinks....)

Song that best describes them: Building A Monster - Skylar Grey 

Random Fact: He'd never say it, but he'd take a bullet for Axel. He doesn't have a good relationship with his parents, so he's all the family he has.



Rivera Jordan

Most likely to be found: Buried beneath her beloved pile of gadgets and gizmos.

One word description: Underestimated.
Powers (?): Doesn't have any, but is incredibly smart. Her parents think she's a mechanic, but in reality she builds the gadgets that villains and heroes pay handsomely for.

Song that best describes them: Straight Shooter - Skylar Grey (Explicit)

Random Fact: Loves reality television. Like, obsessively loves it. Is also Axel's (adoptive) sister

Axel Jordan!!!: Axel Jordan  (aka Blackout)

Most likely to be found: Jumping off buildings or flirting with anything with a heartbeat.

One word description: Non-conformist. Axel doesn't believe in going with crowd, as in his experience he has discovered that the crowd are usually incredibly stupid.

Powers (?): Can manipulate darkness and light, whether that be sucking the light out of a room or using shadows to stalk and attack his enemies.

Song that best describes them: World So Cold - 12 Stones

Random Fact: His parents were killed in a fire accidentally set by a nearby hero, which resulted in Axel developing intense pyrophobia as well as a natural distrust of heroes.


Rosa Delgado (aka Electrika)

Rosa Delgado, everybody!: Most likely to be found: Behind the bar at the local villain hangout by day and stealing priceless art by night as Electrika. And if all else fails, sassing out a-holes with her can-do feminist attitude.

One word description: Loyal.  Family means a lot to her as she cares for her grandmother, Dolores, and steals art to pay for her treatments. She also frequently assists Axel, whom she has a love/hate relationship with.

Powers (?): Can manipulate electricity.

Song that best describes them: Unstoppable - Sia

Random Fact: Likes to create her own drinks and sell them behind the bar.


Oliver Prince  

Most likely to be found: When not playing his battered old guitar to the four walls of his apartment, he's turning his body into gaseous form as Vapour and trying to take down his father's corrupt company.

One word description: Understanding.

Powers (?): Can turn his body into vapour (amongst other air-based abilities). Is known as Vapour amongst the super-community.

Song that best describes them: Burning Heart - Svrcina

Random Fact: Hates wearing suits. Prefers his unravelling grey sweaters and endless supply of jeans.


 T. Hyde            

Most likely to be found: On her computer hacking into pretty much anything with an online presence. She's a career hacker, but occasionally lends her services to Axel and Kaspar. For a price.

One word description: Strong. Hyde was bullied a lot for being who she is, quirks and all, but at the end of the day she knew that she was better than them because she had something they didn't: intelligence, and really cool hair.

Powers (?): None, but is one ruthless hacker.

Song that best describes them: Perfect - Pink (Explicit)

Random fact: Refuses to tell anybody her first name, because she despises it. (For the record, it's Tulip). Also, she wears hearing aids.

I'm so excited to begin this novella. I think I needed something like this to sort of unwind from the heaviness of TDH, and it's pretty fun to write! I've always been a fan of superheroes, and I kind of wanted to tell the story of heroes who go astray and the villains left to pick up the pieces. What do you think? What are YOU working on at the minute? Tell me, talk to me, and I'll see you in the next post!

- Sunset xx


  1. *shrieks loudly because I'm already so in love with all of these characters*
    AHH SUNSET THIS SOUNDS AMAZING. i have so much love for superhero/villain stories and your's sounds fantastic. also that little snippet?? SO GOOD. I need more please.
    i can't wait to hear more about this wip! ^-^
    xx a || not gary cooper

    1. THANK YOU ADALINE YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE! I love superheroes, so I just thought "huh I haven't read many hero books with supers and villains; lets do that!".

  2. I am new to this genre so I am learning more about these characters :) thank you for educating me somewhat :)

    1. *slides glasses up nose in an intellectual manner, fire crackling in the background* Education is important, especially regarding masked vigilantes. Thanks for dripping by!


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