Long Live Ambient Music + I Actually Had Feelings?

Hello, assorted lifeforms. I've spoken previously about my relationship with music (it makes me cry and sets me in a trance and crushes what's left of my heart into tiny glass fragments), and suffice to say, my taste in musical styles varies considerably depending on what mood I'm in.

Now, this can be 'potentially problematic' (Hermione Granger, anyone?) for numerous reasons: one, sometimes it is difficult to find the exact song to fit my mood and two, by the time I find the song my mood may very well have changed.

And for a while, all hope was lost. I wallowed in the depths of despair, longing for the right arrangement of vocals and chords to correspond to my constantly changing moods, when one dark night in my living room (also known as yesterday), with my headphones in and YouTube music blasting in my eardrums as I woke, something happened that changed my listening experience forever....

(I'm not melodramatic I swear)

I discovered Ambient and Cyro Chamber, two channel which upload many upon many ambient music tracks perfect for writing to or even just relating to in terms of your emotional state and how you're feeling at the moment.

I was blown away. That's all I can really say about it. Every single track made me feel - I kid you not - like I was floating away. I was in the middle of a pretty intense scene while listening to one song in particular (Deep Ambient, for anybody wondering) and I swear the music connected me so much to what I was writing that I had to stop for a while and just get my head back into the present when I was finished. And no, unlike my last paragraph, I am not being melodramatic.

Why do Sherlock gifs fit so well with this post??

And afterwards, I was in such a hyped up state that I needed to calm myself down somehow, so I flicked through playlists until I found a song (Blissful Solitude) that made me feel so free, so utterly weightless, that I just wanted to close my eyes and listen and lose myself completely, which is quite a big deal believe me.

Can anybody relate to this? Have you ever listened to this kind of music, or any music that makes you feel so strongly? If you have, share and tell below, because I'd love to find out if anyone else has ever felt such empathy with music.

Hail and farewell,

- Sunset xx


  1. Those sound like a great resource! I definitely like to use appropriate music to get into the right headspace, though sometimes that's difficult and then I give up. But it's so helpful. I don't usually connect to music emotionally too much of the time, though it has happened before. For me it's a feeling of being slightly disconnected from the real world inside the music.

    1. I'm not saying EVERYBODY has to worship ambient music, but I find it to be an excellent (if highly emotionally) resource. and usually it is quite difficult for me to find a song that I connect with 100 per cent, but for some reason ambient really gets to me and I...I can't explain it in ay way other than I felt kind of like I had been consumed by sound and actual feelings and that was great for my writing, because it was as though I had been cracked open and the contents just spilled onto the page.

      I would definitely say give it a try, but if it isn't for you then that's okay. We all have different resources.

  2. Oh. My. SHISH KEBABS. This sounds like the perfect resource, eeep! I don't think I've listened to instrumentals I've connected well with, but there are some song covers that I can feel the groove of-- "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" covered by Regina Spector was pretty good! Anyways, hi! I underwent a name change. Guess who?

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. MORNING??? I HAD NO IDEA UNTIL I CLICKED ON YOUR USERNAME AND THEN I WAS LIKE WHAAAAA??? I actually love your name though. Abigail is just so elegant, and I've never heard of the name 'Lennah'. I kind of want to re name my protagonist now?

      I've never heard of Regina Spector, or that song, but I'll definitely give it a go. I'm always open to new music. And yes, definitely give ambient music a try, but like I say before; if it isn't your thing, then that's okay. Just roll with it.

    2. I just finished a long day and I'm just starting to listen to ambient music-- really soothing, oh my gosh. <3 I love it.

      "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was originally made by the Beatles! Although Harrison's version seems kind of bittersweet the Spector version is really melodic and a tiny bit more dramatic. I love listening to covers when they give a song a new spin or emotion.

      And as for Lennah, well... if your character is a feisty sort with a bit of daring ringing their body, it's a good name, because it literally translates to "lioness." xD


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