"Feminazi" - Why This Line (And Many Others) Sucks

I'm fairly certain that almost anybody with access to the Internet has heard the statement in the title of this post. There isn't enough time in the world for me to recount the number of times I've seen/heard this, and you know what? I'm sick of it. Sorry if that wakes up the comment trolls in their dungeons, but I am. Because that statement makes no sense to me.

And if you continue reading I will tell you why this statement - along with many others that I've heard so many times it makes me want to physically rip out my eardrums - awakens the Kraken that is my inner anger.

1. "Feminist Killjoy"

I swear, if I hear this one more time....

Okay, I'm going to remain calm and composed here, because a lot of comedians and media personalities who love pulling this line out of the bag obviously haven't gotten the message yet. Neither, it seems, has half of the Internet-using world.

If you have to disrespect someone else's identity/culture/race or otherwise to make a 'joke', it is not funny.

But unfortunately, as soon as someone points this out, they are labelled as a 'feminist killjoy' or another name which I will be addressing in the next subheading. Some people believe that it's just a joke is an acceptable justification for blatantly poking fun at things such as rape, race, gender or sexuality. That is not funny, it's just downright rude and if you do this, I have no respect for you.

Because it is the little things like a sexist joke here or there that contribute to the bigger things, like other people's attitudes. Imagine someone is being constantly bombarded every day with jokes made at the expense of others for things they have no control over. Are media personalities so delusional that they don't think this will influence that person's attitude?

And labelling those of us brave enough to point out when something isn't right as 'feminist killjoys' will only help this cycle of damaging 'comedy' to continue, at the expense of other people.

2. "Feminazi"

Oh yes, the crowd favourite hath made an appearance on my list. Did you really think I'd leave this one out?

I shouldn't even have to explain how vile this one is. I mean, really, the people who use this term are comparing a movement that supports equality to the mass murder of over six million Jewish people. Do they not see how wrong that is? What Hitler did was disgusting, and that's an understatement. So many people were killed because of one man's prejudice and the indoctrination of an entire country. Even learning about it in school, listening to the accounts of survivors such as Elie Wiesel, is heart-breaking.

And some have the nerve to compare such a horrifying event in human history...to an equality movement?

It makes me shudder. It makes my skin crawl when I see yet another 'feminazi' comment underneath a picture or a post.

So I speak directly to the people who write these pathetic remarks; out of respect and frickin' human decency, stop using that hateful word.

3. "But What About Men? Grr, All Feminists Are Man-Haters"

I get tired of this one so quickly. For the last time, louder for the people in the back who still haven't got the message, feminists do not hate men. Feminists hate the patriarchy, which can be damaging to men as well as women.

The patriarchy is the mother of sayings such as 'don't be such a girl' whenever a guy dares to shed a tear or show emotion. The patriarchy uses sayings associated with traditionally feminine traits in order to degrade women and to oppress all genders (again, all genders. Not just male or female).

Some people make the mistake of believing that feminism is only for women, that it only focuses on women's issues. Well, that's wrong. Feminists work to challenge gender roles and the bullshit attitudes that exist where men must be macho and masculine and women must be smiling and mild and placid.

*Deep breath*

And one more time, because I want to get this across...

Feminism is for all genders.

*Breathes colossal sigh of relief*. Well, I sure am glad to get that off my chest. Let's discuss this, because I really want to know your views? Have you heard any of these lines before? Want to add some to my list? Have you ever personally experienced any of these terms (or others, 'cause I didn't cover them all) being directed towards feminists or yourself?

Talk to me! Let's start a discussion!

- Sunset xx


  1. *bursts through wall shrieking*
    i've been lucky enough to never been addressed with one of these lines to my face, or online personality, but i've honestly lost track of the various times i've been told to chill or relax because things are supposed to be "only jokes." like i'm sorry that i'm angry about you poking fun at someone?? i don't understand what's so funny about rape jokes, or jokes that poke fun at somebody purely because of their gender. not only is it insanely degrading, it's completely twisted and rude. it sucks that we live in a society where people feel the need to constantly tear others down and feel superior. we're all people?? the matter of my genitalia should have no consequence what-so-ever on what kind of person i am, and what i'm capable of. and to hate somebody based on their gender, heritage, sexuality, or race is just ludicrous to me. i don't understand it. i don't know that i ever will.
    i can't applaud you enough for this post, sunset. i know it probably wasn't easy to write, and i'm so insanely proud to see bloggers writing about stuff like this. <3

    xx a || not gary cooper

    1. You do not know how RELIEVED I am to hear you say this! (or you know, see, because comments are typed). Yeah, I was so scared of posting this in case I didn't get the message across right, or if I messed up because forming words are hard and I HAD SO MUCH I WANTED TO SAY.

      And yes, these 'jokes' at the expense of other people's race, religion, sexuality etc. are not okay. I mean, take a look at comedians and the like nowadays (*cough* Amy Schumer *cough*) and it seems like the only jokes they are capable of making are those that poke fun at other people and reinforce negative stereotypes. Honestly, it makes my blood boil. And then they have the nerve to point at people who tell them that no, that's not right and say we're 'feminazis' or 'can't take a joke'??? It's not a bloody joke if it disrespects someone's existence, buddy.

      But yes, thank you for being so nice! And I'm glad you could express your view here - I really want to see what other people make of this.

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! It was so refreshing to read a view on this that agree with SO HARD. <3 True feminism is about EQUALITY, not putting another gender down!! LIKE HOW IS THIS SUCH A HARD CONCEPT FOR PEOPLE TO GRASP??? *bangs head on desk slowly* ALSO THE GIF USAGE IN THIS POST = ON POINT :''')

    rock on,

    1. THANK YOU! And yes, true feminism supports ALL genders, and putting down others is no such way to be a feminist or a decent human being.

      I always feel like I use too many gifs?? So I tried to cut down in this post, but he Internet is a very generous place :)


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