Introducing My (WIP) Children To The Universe

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For anyone who hasn't read the posts about my current geeky-mythology-loving WIP (which I am really excited to begin), These Darkened Hours is the title I have finally settled on, and it focuses on Irish/a little Greek mythology combining when two twins are dragged kicking and screaming (literally, in one of their cases) into a world of magic and corruption and hidden agendas and BEAUTIFUL GREEK PRINCES OF DARKNESS THAT MAKE ME WANT TO CRY.

And because I've been kind of secretive about it thus far, I have decided to share some of my characters with you beautiful people.

Mostly because I want to get your opinions, and mostly because I'm itching to use Pinterest again.

    Vanessa 'Nessa' Mac Artian

  • Nessa is my fiery little trouble-making redhead.

  • She is also the youngest half of the Mac Artian twins, and cares deeply about her brother (Lex, my bookish little muffin)

  • Has a bit of a problem when it comes to authority (translation: she doesn't like it very much) and has a little bit of a temper.

  • Her abilities are more energy-based than others. She can create forcefields, sense the life-force of nearby organisms and conjure portals to anywhere that she can picture.

QUOTE: "My name and 'nice' are not usually used in the same sentence unless there's a negative in there somewhere"

Alexander 'Lex' Mac Artian

  • My little bookish nerd with white magic abilities (healing, etc). But in TDH, white magic also entails powers of the mind, e.g sensing emotions, infiltrating others subconscious minds, etc.

  • Lex is quite introverted, and a total book fanatic. He is used to hiding behind his sister's loud persona, but throughout the novel realises his own potential and begins to emerge from her shadow (but doesn't go through that annoying 'fix-the-introvert' process that annoys me so much in YA. Like, a protagonist can be an introvert and still be a badass. Grr.)

  • He is very skilled with an archer's bow, and it is his preferred weapon in battle.

QUOTE: "We cannot change what we are, but we do have a say in what we become"

Dane Angelides

  • Dane is my aforementioned Greek prince of darkness, (as in, he is Greek and has magical abilities that involve manipulating darkness). He has eventful life, shall we say. His mother (Carman, the main antagonist of my WIP) has taken over a magical realm where everybody hates him because of his bloodline, his brothers are literally the biggest d-bags to ever walk the face of the realm, and to top it all off? He's cursed. Quite literally, cursed. What fun.

  • He can be quite hostile, at times. The first time he ever meets Lex he holds a knife to his throat. Although the reason behind his hostility towards strangers is later revealed, needless to say it doesn't exactly win him many friends in the playground.

  • Dane is also a highly skilled strategist. When he eventually joins the Tuatha (supernatural rebellion fighting against Carman's reign), he quickly becomes one of their most esteemed strategists due to his quick-thinking and logical, analytical mind.

QUOTE: "I've hurt so many people...but I refuse to be the one who hurts you"

There you have it; the three main characters of TDH. I apologise for the shortness of this post, but I have an ICT test tomorrow and WOWZA is there a lot to learn. And with that, off I pop to flail in the face of the education  system.

Hail and farewell,

- Sunset xx


  1. Lex is my favorite of the three!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  2. Best of luck with the ICT test! I love the title of this book <3 ahhhhh, I really ship Lex and Dane!!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thanks, and I'm so glad you like the title because I thought it was a bit....long....but now i'm like 'nah, think i'll keep it'.

  3. From what you have said I like Vanessa the best but I'm probably more like Lex if i'm honest.
    Nice post,
    x Skye // A little inkling //

    1. There's a special place in my heart for Nessa <3 thank you!


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