NEW Character Karaoke Tag + I Have A New Writing Space!

Image result for dans diss track gif a month without uploading

Aloha, wizards of the Internet! Much like young Daniel in the unfortunate image above, I've gone a long time without uploading and come back with a tag (comment if you're special and get the reference), and there's no other explanation than the following: studying, exams (which have officially ended so expect more regular posting *finally*) and packing for my holiday abroad which I AM BUZZING ABOUT ASDFGHJKL -

But anyways, let's get back to what's really important, shall we? I speak of course about the resurrected Character Karaoke Tag, coming to a computer screen near you! *finger clicks*

First, a little recap: The Character Karaoke Tag focuses on music + writing, and how we use certain songs to apply to certain things within our writing. Also, it is a chance to discover new music and gain a deeper insight into the emotions that go into both the songs we listen to, the scenes/characters we write and our interpretations of them.

But hey, enough rambling. Let's get this party started.


  • Link back to the blog of whoever nominates you (because being polite is cool)
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate some friends to participate!

Now for the questions!

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Aww, how sweet! It's your OTP's wedding day...what song is playing during their first dance?

Arwen's Promise - Eurielle

I LOVE EURIELLE and this song perfectly describes the relationship between Dane and Lex, especially the lyrics I've included below. I think this would definitely be their wedding song, no doubt.

Significant Lyric: Since the first time I saw you, I knew // The shadows in your heart withdrew // Though the world grows darker every day... // Nothing can dim or extinguish this flame // Ignited long ago.

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Do any of your characters play an instrument/have a special relationship with music?

I'm glad you asked (even though you didn't, it was me, I am the ask-er). In These Darkened Hours there is a prince (he's Greek and beautiful and I don't want to harm him but I kinda have to *sobbing noises*) named Dane....he plays the fiddle. Because why the hell not.

No, he actually plays it because he sees music as a slim piece of beauty in a darkened (geddit?) world and it is his chosen form of escapism. He taught himself to play, and I chose this instrument for him because I really like the sound of fiddle music and I have a friend who can play like the fiddle-equivalent of Lindsey Stirling.

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What song(s) best describe your protagonist(s)?

Nessa:  Building A Monster - Skylar Grey

First of all, let's talk about Nessa: she's the younger twin and the definition of 'looks like they could kill you and probably would'. She's spent her life bouncing around group and foster homes with her brother, and something happened in one of them that both twins refer to as The Incident. Because of this, the lyrics 'this angel has lost her wings // I'm building a monster // beneath all the scars that you see' are especially poignant. The entire song just seems made for her, and I love it.

Lex:  Warrior - Aurora

Next up for dissection is Lex: he's the eldest Mac Artian twin and an introvert, with a compassionate heart. Although he is known for being gentle, when it comes to protecting the ones he loves and cares for Lex can be ruthless. That's why this song describes him so well, as the lyrics 'I fall asleep in my own tears // I cry for the world, for everyone' indicate his compassion and empathy for the world around him, and yet the next lyrics 'I stand behind a crowd of people and thoughts // Mind-controlling // And I hold a sword to guide me' also hint at his more ruthless, calculating side. (Also, 'mind-controlling' is one of his powers so...coincidence I think not)

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What's Your Go-To Song For Writing Battle/Romance/Intense Scenes?

Necrosis - Christian Baczyk ft. Laura Auseni // Worlds Collide - League of Legends ft. Nicki Taylor

Okay, I cheated and picked two songs here. For battle scenes, compositions are my go-to for inspiration and I find them really inspiring. I think it's the dramatic-ness (?) of the music, especially Christian Baczyk's pieces. Necrosis is quite heavy and mystical, which is great for magic duels and battles (which are everywhere in my WIP).

The second piece is a song from League of Legends, and I plan my battle scenes to it rather than listen to it as I write. Nevertheless, it's awesome, and the lyrics just add to the awesomeness and are great for writing inspiration.

Significant Lyric: We are the ones to ignite the darkened skies // The champions of a world that we defy // A solemn reign of the few who rise up high // And we all fight // At the last light

Well, that was fun! I forgot how much I enjoyed doing these things: and now, I'm going to force others to do the same because I'm nice like that.

I nominate: Ellie, Abigail Lennah, Jo, Abbiee and Adaline

Have fun!

- Sunset xx

P.S - I got a new writing space! It's cosy and small and I'd live in it like a hermit if I could.


  1. THANK YOU DO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME!!! Fiddle music rocks. This tag looks absolutely fun, and I miss doing them (I think I'll just mainly do all the writing ones tagged). This is going to be super hard for me because I'm super picky about what kind of music represents everyone in my novels. It'll be awhile before I post this as I have several posts planned these next two weeks, but thank you thank you thank you!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Take your time, and yes fiddle music is pretty awesome. I swear it took me like a week to write this post because *drumroll please* .... I'm really picky about the music that fits my WIP too. *shocked gasp*

      Thank you and looking forward to reading your answers!

  2. I haven't done a tag in so long, thanks for tagging me for this! Especially now that my friend and I have co-written a new must be fate, not coincidence. :') Nessa seems like a really complex character and the song seems to fit. There's something so poignant about an angel shedding it's wings, learning to become hardened in order to survive...(or maybe I'm just a romantic).

    1. I know, that's my favourite lyric in the entire song; and it suits Nessa so very well. You've co-written a WIP? That's brilliant! I await your answers with baited breath.

  3. *waves* SUNSET YOU'RE BACK!! (Not that I've noticed tbh because I've been away for exams as well hahaha.) The fiddle is a pretty awesome instrument, by the way :) I've never been able to find a good piece of music for writing battle scenes, probably because I've always struggled with writing battle scenes.

    1. YES, I HATH RETURNED! *throws confetti in celebration*. Aren't exams just the worst? Battle scenes are quite difficult to write, but I always find compositions to be really helpful for getting into the mindset to write them.

  4. Yayy for writing spaces!!! I just recently moved so am still trying to make mine all comfy/home again. 😂 So I'm glad yours is good! And omg so many songs to now go check out. *dashes off* I do ADORE Aurora though!! Her songs are so magical. 😍

    1. I hope your writing space becomes everything you want it to be! Aurora is amazing, have you heard her cover of 'Half The Word Away? Amazing.

  5. EEEEEP THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME <33333 I LOVE THIS THING. brb going to listen to all of this music and think of your awesome characters and books :'''''') I really want to do an Aurora cover... HER MUSIC = BEAUTIFUL

    rock on,

    1. YES ABBIEE GO FOR IT! I honestly love your singing videos, and Aurora's songs are so magical that they'd be wonderful to cover <3 And thank you for such a sweet comment, you just made my day!


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