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Aloha, Internet, and welcome to my humble abode! This page is basically dedicated to me trying to explain what exactly I do on this blog and, in general, with my life. So enjoy, and please don't roll your eyes too far back into your head: I did that once when I had a migraine and it really hurt.
Okay, onto a slightly lighter topic than death-defying migraines: this blog.

Below you will find a handy little list of all the series included on this blog. Some are to do with writing, some to do with miscellaneous things, and others are yet to come so stay tuned! *clicks fingers and slowly backs away into the mist*

Character Commentary:

Ah, I'm rather fond of this one. This is a series in which I use various GIFs, images and quotations from fictional characters to help me unscramble the various mysteries and happenings in the universe, from the perils of public transport to why I'm a horrible romance writer to slightly more serious topics. Basically, I get to rant on the Internet whist simultaneously taking advantage of the most beloved characters in literature/television/reality.

Also within Character Commentary is a little self-esteem destroying series I have dubbed How To Be Awkward In Public, in which I document my various misadventures in public places. Whoopee.


The Struggles Of Writing Romance - Explained by Tina Belcher

How To Be Awkward In Public - Explained by Sam and Dean Winchester

How To Be Awkward In Public #2 (Aeroplane Edition) - Explained by Chandler Bing

An Attempt At Poetry:


This is where I vent my feelings/thoughts for the day in one little post. I manage to create coherent (or, you know, semi-coherent) sentences out of my thoughts and feelings, thus creating a little poem.


All You Ever Do

Jack Frost

They Took My Bible and This is What They Left Me With


Here it is, folks: the inevitable end of the post. The conclusion. Goodbye, wanderers of the Internet, and hopefully you'll stop by for a rant and a ramble and a whole lot of randomness.

- Sunset xx

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