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These Darkened Hours

Status: In progress, first draft

Twins connected by blood and heart, torn apart by ancient hate.

A world on the brink of heavenly war.

Loyalty and love in the face of betrayal.

For Nessa and Lex, who are dragged into this beautiful but merciless land, blood runs thicker than the threat of disaster. But when their destinies suddenly take equally separate and dangerous turns, both twins must decide what they are willing to do to save a world in the midst of war and - most importantly - how much they are willing to sacrifice for each other.

Especially when one twin is destined to rise, and the other to fall.



Status: Embryonic state, first draft

In a world full of heroes, it takes a lot to really make it as a villain. Kaspar never intended to become either, and yet that doesn't prevent him from being abducted by Marling City's latest supervillain, Axel Jordan, after a blog post he makes goes viral. Axel offers a down-on-his-luck Kaspar the chance of a lifetime: to become his sidekick, and raise hell in the city that never loved him.

But a storm is on the horizon, and a villain like Marling City has never seen before takes centre-stage for all the wrong reasons. As their city falls to ash around them, Kaspar and Axel are forced to gather the best of the worst and become something they never believed they could be: heroes.


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